Isolation is not the enemy if you have an aim

There must be some kind of prize for you to claim

With each thought you can twist and contort

Into something that you can genuinely purport

Isolation can be destruction of the mind to many

But to the one who knows himself it is the fountain of plenty

Carrying a load is what man is to do with his life

We must assume that Sisyphus’ was not filled with strife

To know oneself is to know but one

And to know all but the self is to make a life undone



There is someone in my arms, they give me safety

There is someone who touches my chest, they support me

There is someone who kisses my cheek, they make me tremble

There is someone who lays down, they make me cry

There is someone who closes their eyes, they allow me to see

There is someone who gives, they allow me to receive

There is someone who loves, they allow me to be loved

There is someone who i care about, they are in my arms



My mind is a whirlpool

My thoughts being mixed to concoct a man that I cannot see

I see myself drowning in that spiral of broken metaphors

The whiplash from the tide may be my end

I may be able to swim out, but I may not be strong enough

I wish for strength in this confusion

If I were to escape I could be on boat with crews

I can’t remember how long I’ve been swimming

Harpies sing songs of confusion and anger

They ask why I persist on swimming and tell me that drifting is always easier

But they keep me awake, crawling to the edge

Civilization is so close, just one more stroke, just one more kick, just one more

I climb the steps of the ocean, away from the deep hell, and towards the vast heaven



Sam Goble

Sam Goble

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